Value Added Engineering

The value added pack.  This advertising technique is traditionally used to keep a brand fresh in holiday shoppers’ minds and appear to add a free gift.  This is most notably used in liquor brands that throw in rock glasses, shakers or even samples of their other product lines to try to develop sentiment and brand loyalty.  A new trend is emerging however, and I’m going to call it value added engineering.  This marketing ploy is simply used to help the consumer better enjoy a product they have already purchased by increasing the experience of the product.  This has been used by several beverage companies and most recently by soda heavy hitter Coca-Cola.  The idea was to create a glass that let the consumer better enjoy an already dominant product.

Classic Glass

Look familiar Sam Adams?


That’s because the Coca-Cola glasses were engineered by wine and beer tasters that know how carbonation and flavor should be properly released onto one’s palate to get full enjoyment.  We’ve traditionally seen this in brands that are trying to increase their market share by adding an element to their product that the top dog in the market doesn’t posses.  Miller, traditionally lagging in volume to Anheuser Busch, developed the vortex bottle,


and the punch top, wide mouth can.


Coors engineered a way for their logo to change color when their beer gets to the optimal drinking temperature.


Not to mention the wide mouth, vented can that is supposed to help the beverage flow out of the can with less foam.


Let’s be honest, it just lets the consumer drink more, faster.


(Sorry Guinness)

I do, however, like this move by Coke.  It keeps their brand fresh and reinforces their standard of quality.  Don’t just drink a “Classic” enjoy a “Classic” to it’s full potential.  I don’t see runner up Pepsi trying to make their product more enjoyable.  They’re too busy paying celebrities to try and create viral videos.  That’s what’s going down…smooth.

Coke Cheers



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